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MCX is a leading commodity exchange. It is known for the latest technology implementations. To monitor its enterprise wide operations, MCX has setup a video wall using cubes from Planar Technologies. The setup comprises of cubes aligned in a 5X2 layout. Most video cube software is meant for video displays. MCX was looking for a technology solution to drive its video wall with data feeds. Streme was selected from a range of vendors as the only solution provider versatile enough to provide the entire range of solutions required for current and future needs of MCX. With the unified manager console, management of simple, integrated and device driven signages was demonstrated. Users across key departments were convinced that Streme could deliver the power and simplicity they were looking for.


Streme has lauched its pioneering datawall solution to meet this unique requirement. Streme integrates multi-media information with data feeds. Data feeds to the streme player could be either Applications running on the video server, Screens grabbed at from other PCs or Screens streamed live from other PCs. The result is a completed integrated display that provides a state of the art view to the NOC centre team.


A mini version of this solution was implemented across multiple LCDs in the corporate office. Here, instead of showing the multi-media and data information on excel, it is shown on LCD screens mounted at strategic locations like reception areas, work areas, cabins for senior managers etc.

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