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Video processors that are scalable, flexible &
reliable while being surprisingly affordable!
Bring the magic in scheduling & displaying meetings integrated with outlook & exchange.
Completely customizable, flexible signage, ready for integration with your systems to give you the edge.
Bring in power of collaboration 
in your training rooms.

Retail Solutions

Streme for Special Information Displays

You can also drive displays of unusual shapes and sizes. Powered by projectors and special films, careful mounting and precision engineering Streme Digtial Signage creates a wow effect for the customers

Streme for Visual Merchandizing

Large transparent films stuck over glass provide a great opportunity to showcase visual merchandize without obstructing the view of the store. Focus your sight on the glass and you see the video powered by Streme Digital Signage. Focus inside the store and you see the merchandize. Amazing!

X Magix for feature display

Lift the object and see the features on the screen. Ideal for high tech products like cell phones, small appliances etc, powered with Sensors, x magix drives the customer experience to a whole new level. 

Streme Displays at floor level!

Unusual placement of displays always attracts attention. Imagine an LCD at the floor level! Mounted with toughened glass in a mat at floor level, driven by Streme Digital Signage you can position this near accessories counter to drive sales to a whole new level.

Streme with Real time Price Interface

Triggered from building management systems or SMS or email or other alarms, Streme Digital Signage becomes a CCTV monitoring system, taking a direct feed from the IP Camera and DVRs. A boon in emergency situations where immediate attention is drawn to live video feeds. 

Streme for priority customers

As soon as a priority customer walks in with an RFID card, Streme Digital Signage senses the identity of the customer and flashes a welcome message on the screen. What better way to surprise the customer and make him/her feel as a special guest in the premises! 

Streme for In-shelf signage

Small displays positioned strategically in shelves, powered by wi-fi enabled tablets, attract attention of shoppers at the point of sale. With information limited to the items on sale in the vicinity, in shelf signages provide focused, product specific information. Managed centrally using Streme digital signage, this is a powerful promotion tool.

Streme for Digital menu boards

Displaying different menus at different times of the day, Streme Digital Signage plays animated videos to drive sales. Hot coffee pouring, pop corn being made, steaming rolls coming out of the oven simulate the urge to purchase right now! 

Streme for in store Audio Streaming

Stream audio directly from the head office to stores to build ambience. Broadcast jingles to stores and point cast audio messages. Instead of connecting a screen to the player, connect a speaker system! Streme Digital Signage does it all 

Streme with QR Code integration

Just point the cell phone app at the QR code on the Streme Digital Signage and explore the features on-line. Customers can now explore features of only those products they are interested in. As the customer carries the cell phone always, the message and product information is now available in social media. 

Streme Interactive Sales Tool

Interacting with a large screen from a distance poses a unique challenge. Too close and its difficult to see. Too far and you cant touch the screen. Streme Digital Signage solves this dilemma with a remote control to select options on the screen. Now interact, choose options and convert your passive signage into an active sales tool! 

Streme for Information Billboards

Streme Digital Signage Empower customers to choose screen options using their cell phones. SMS or Bluetooth or a native app for the cell phone drives the interaction. A bill board with messages uploaded by customers enhances participation. 

Streme for SMS Quiz

Imagine an interactive question that pops up during a Streme digital signage display. Customers are prompted to send a response. Some do. And slowly over a period of time, you have a repository of customer responses and solid data. This can be used effectively for future marketing campaigns. Streme Digital Signage enables this and lot more! 

Streme Product Demonstration Station

Swipe the bar code of the product on this station to instantly see a video powered by Streme Digital Signage demonstrating the product. This audio visual tool is an excellent aid to educate the customer and drive sales. Managed centrally, you can ensure a uniform experience across stores. 

Streme with Que Management

Replacing tradition LED Token boards, Streme Digital Signage can integrate with a compatible token management system. Now be assured of the attention of an alert audience. An excellent opportunity to communicate your key messages to your customers. 

Streme Interactive Training Tool

Instead of just broadcasting training programs after or before office hours, let your staff select the training they want to view! Streme digital signage interfaced with a remote control or a touch screen, converts your signage into a powerful audio visual training tool. You can now reuse your investments for internal training and marketing communication. 

Streme for Emergency Messaging

With its emergency template activation, Streme Digital Signage can switch into an emergency broadcast system instantly. A number of predefined templates instructing the viewers can be predefined for quick activation. 


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