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Real time data &
news with you. Always.

Magical Animations

Automated Graphs and Charts

Animated graphs that appear automatically capture attention. Connect to your enterprise data in real time. Business and technical data was never so interesting!


Real time data without mouse clicks

See frequently used real time data without clicking on menus, reports filters etc. No more logging into intranets and viewing MIS data. Just configure once and leave it running.


Popular Formats Supported

Idash supports xml, excel, flat files and odbc data connections. You can now configure and manage the display easily using a drag and drop interface.

Versatile Setup

Popular Formats Supported

A click of a key and you switch from a full screen to picture in picture mode. You can now control the switching using external events. For example, in a back office, a dip in calls made during the day automatically displays call summary.

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