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Single View

for Visitors

Putting the visitor at ease

With mega commercial complexes coming up for businesses, visitors struggle to locate the office they are searching for. Streme Digital Directory is designed to help you and locate where you want to go. The directional arrows pointing to the right way ensure that visitors reach their destination quickly.

Web based Management

A central, web based console designed for central management makes the task of adding, modifying and removing tenant information a breeze. Secured access ensures that only authorized personnel are allowed to access this data.

Multiple Displays, One Directory

With options of displaying in single or double column formats, Streme Digital Directory is compatible with landscape and portrait displays. You can choose the display most suited for your application and impress your visitors.

Compatible with Streme Digital Signage

Digital Directory is integrated tightly with Streme Digital Signage with a unified management console for quick and easy administration. You now have the best of both worlds - signage and digital directory in a single tool.

Simple Administration

The system is very simple to manage and implement across floors with different color schemes and layouts. A very user friendly manager software reduces training time for users. No multi media expertise is necessary. Digital Directory and Streme templates make implementations a breeze.

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