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Your preferred
in-classroom collaboration tool


Using the console application, you can now draw, erase, mark, use colors and do a lot more. Options to save and email the annotated screens take collaboration to the next level. Take the tablet with you as you move in the class, giving you unmatched flexibility in teaching.

Annotate, save & share on the move

Record Sessions

Save your learning for future

At the click of a button, the entire session is recorded with the presenters voice. Saved recordings are ideal for integration with your Learning management system. Classroom sessions are now saved for revision, fine tuning content for distant learning, archiving and improvements.

Merge Classrooms

Merge multiple classrooms  virtually into a single session.

Short on space in a class? Klasmate has the right solution. With the Klasmate solution installed in each class, Just hit the “follow” option on the console. Instantly, the participants log into the master classroom, The display of the master classroom is streamed to the other classes. An ideal situation where the presenter is in one class and the participants are in say 3 classes. Integration with standard video conferring equipment gives a seamless presence.

Run Applications

Run standard apps off the Klasmate  System

Often, you have the need to share a presentation, a video or high definition images. Just start the apps option on the tablet and you are ready to go. A mouse and keyboard simulator on the tablet helps you navigate on the screen.


Uses off the shelf standard equipment

Running off standard servers and rugged desktops, you are assured of high uptime with local OEM support. No proprietary hardware, less downtime, more effective learning. Loading the Loading the Klasmate software is very fast and simple, allowing you a restore in record time.

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