Streme Video Processor

Versatile, powerful & scalable processor for command & control
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Powerful Software

Features designed to wow

Driven by a powerful software feature, you can annotate, run standard viewers, native windows applications and browser URLs, right on the processor itself. A smart way to reduce hardware investments in the processor. Standard widows applications can now be run directly on the NOK controller, avoiding the need for additional wired inputs.

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Auto URL Authentication

Automatically Log in to URLs

When URLs are shown on Video processor, there is a mandatory login. Streme processor does a auto login, eliminating the need to enter user name and password each time. We support 4 methods of URL Login - Macro, Browser, Application and Proxy for almost any web application

Intuitive toolbar 

For collaborative video walls


Streme video processor does not require a dedicated management machine. Management is done on the client machine itself using a small intuitive, access controlled tool bar. 

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Complete Source integration

Bring in any AV signal or a network stream.

Streme Video processor allows you to bring 11 type of sources. From URLs, to streaming media, to port capture to even applications running on the processor. It is the most versatile input capture possible.