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Video processors that are scalable, flexible &
reliable while being surprisingly affordable!
Bring the magic in scheduling & displaying meetings integrated with outlook & exchange.
Completely customizable, flexible signage, ready for integration with your systems to give you the edge.
Bring in power of collaboration 
in your training rooms.

Banking & Finance Solutions

Streme for ATM Centers

Making the best use of the waiting ques outside the ATM machines, you can now use Streme Digital Signage to broadcast new products and offerings. Customers can explore them once they access the ATM.

Streme for Token Integration

Replacing tradition LED Token boards, Streme Digital Signage can integrate with a compatible token management system. Now be assured of the attention of an alert audience. An excellent opportunity to communicate your key messages to your customers.

Streme for Displaying Forex Rates

Replacing traditional LED Forex boards, Streme Digital Signage provides an integrated Foreign Exchange Display solution. Now, eliminate the risk of showing old rates at braches with real time updates from treasury. 

Streme for KYC & mandatory notices

Meet your statutory information compliance needs with Streme Digital Signage. Now display latest KYC (Know Your Customer) and other mandatory notices at each branch. Drive information in the language you want and ensure that all notices are absolutely the latest. Protect the environment and avoid printing as you undertake the initiative.

Streme for SMS Quiz

Imagine an interactive question that pops up during a digital signage display. Customers are prompted to send a response. Some do. And slowly over a period of time, you have a repository of customer responses and solid data. This can be used effectively for future marketing campaigns. Streme Digital Signage enables this and lot more! 

Streme Interactive Sales Tool

Interacting with a large screen from a distance poses a unique challenge. Too close and its difficult to see. Too far and you cant touch the screen. Streme digital signage solves this dilemma with a remote control to select options on the screen. Now interact, choose options and convert your passive signage into an active sales tool! 

Streme Interactive Training Tool

Instead of just broadcasting training programs after or before office hours, let your staff select the training they want to view! Streme digital signage interfaced with a remote control or a touch screen, converts your signage into a powerful audio visual training tool. You can now reuse your investments for internal training and marketing communication.

Streme for Internet Signage

By isolating the signage network completely from the Banks network, Streme digital signage provides an instant deployment option. Connect both manager and player on the internet using datacards or broadband and you are ready to go. 

Streme Encoder for Live Broadcast

Now broadcast your top managements video live over your IT network. Integrated with Streme Digital Signage, and Streme Encoder and Streamer, your employees can see the presentation in real time, making communication instant and effective.

Streme for Displaying interest rates

Replacing traditional LED boards, or paper posters, Streme Digital Signage provides a complete Display solution. Now, eliminate the risk of showing old rates at braches with real time updates from treasury. 


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