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State of the Art Office

Training and Development

Stremetech provides training and development to the Blackbox global team, sharing a 40,000 sq feet office at Gigaplex office complex, Airoli.


Housing cafeteria, meeting rooms, labs, security command center and network command center, experience center for our global customers.

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What we do

Cutting edge product developement

Stremetech is a software products developer that helps enterprises Accelerate Audio Visual communication, Securely and Efficiently.  As a leading provider of Audio Visual control and automation systems for Offices, Schools, Hospitals, Hotels and more, Stremetech provides the ultimate technology lifestyle to its users.

Our team

Young dynamic and go getters

The young and dynamic stremetech team is reinventing and improving the way people live and work. Working at Stremetech means each day you come to work to solve real world problems for businesses and consumers using the power of software and technology. 

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Cutting edge product developement

We work on .net as the primary platform for development. Covering the entire spectrum from C#, .net core, sql server, azure hosted applications, xmarin, we are a pure microsoft shop. This focus helps us build and retain talent. 

We adapt constantly and collaborate closely with fast changing global requirements. We offer integrated solutions with streamlining technology for people in boardrooms, conference rooms, classrooms, auditoriums by developing products like Digital signage, Meeting Room Schedulers, Video processors, In room automation, Experiential Solutions and more


Designed for global markets

We service global markets in Middle east and Africa and are expanding to the USA and Europe markets

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Evaluation Process

Cutting edge product developement

Candidate information form, IQ test, Technical test (s), practical test and series of technical and personal interview to ensure that we get the right fit.

We are hiring

Join our team

We are currently looking at the following positions:

  • Full Stack Software Developer with 10+ years experience.

  • Full Stake Software Developer with 5+ years experience.

  • Software support engineer.

  • Software testing engineer.

Reach out to to initiate the process.

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