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AV-IT Products

Reduce costs, Increase flexibility future-proof offerings

Information and Content Management

Digital Signage

Completely customizable, flexible signage, ready for integration with your systems to give you the edge. 

Streme Encoder

Encode AV Signals

for streamer

Digital Notice Board

Replace your paper notice boards

for management ease

Digital Directory

Ideal for large leased office building

Integrated Dashboards

Integrated dashboards for motivating

your workforce in a hyper competitive market

Streme Video Processor

Video Processors that are scalable, flexible and reliable while being surprisingly affordable!

Intelligent Work space management

Visitor Management

for your Corporate office

WayFinder displays the path from

the current position to the destination

Hot Desking

Dynamically assigns the

workstations to employees

Collaboration Suite

Integrate with control and automation

Room Scheduler

Bring the magic in scheduling & displaying

meetings integrated with outlook & exchange

Que Management System

An ideal tool to manage

waiting customers and visitors

Central Monitoring, Internet of things, Security and Surveillance

Car Parking Tracker

Capture number plate at entry & 

Compare at exit

Emergency Evacuation Control

Immediately after an emergency

Sports Event Security

Enhance security by tagging images

to entry tickets,

Feature rich processor at competitive price

Command & Control Room Processor

Intelligent Device Monitor

Capturing information at high speeds

Device & Environment Monitor

To maintain environment parameter

Experience Centers, Brand Discovery and Museums

Multi touch Table

Working with standard multi-touch monitor

Unusual Display

Ensure high recall with unique placement

Device Control

Control Engine for device management

Gesture Magic

Integrated with kinect camera

Touch Magic

Seamless system wows the customer

Motion Magic

Seamless system wows the customer

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