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Bubble Display

Higher recall. Greater Engagement.
Build brands. High Performance.

Simple Content Management

Ease of use for business users

Management of content is very simple. Just drag and drop the content in the manager and you are ready to go. No special multi media or programming skills are needed.

Completely Flexible

Supports different sizes and orientations

Different shapes and sizes are mixed together to create a seamless display. Combine panels from leading manufacturers & get unmatched flexibility in designing your layouts.

Synchronized Content

Perfection at Work

Movies that play in perfect sync in native resolution, Perfect timing & a Seamless experience for the users-A wow effect! Hallmarks of the bubble display.

Large Projections

Edge Blending

You can combine upto 2 projectors to get an ultra wide display. Use standard off the shelf components to reduce costs. Edge blending modules are seamlessly integrated in the bubble display controller to give a perfect image.

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