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Video processors that are scalable, flexible &
reliable while being surprisingly affordable!
Bring the magic in scheduling & displaying meetings integrated with outlook & exchange.
Completely customizable, flexible signage, ready for integration with your systems to give you the edge.
Bring in power of collaboration 
in your training rooms.


Bharti Airtel Limited is an Indian multinational telecommunications services company headquartered in New Delhi, India. It operates in 20 countries across South Asia, Africa, and the Channel Islands. Airtel provides GSM, 3G and 4G LTE mobile services, Its African operations one of the fastest growing businesses.

The Solution

Powering the technology for the retail outlet, using multi touch screens for customer engagement, digital signage for displays and kiosks for que management, Streme products provided complete end to end solutions framework.


Deployed with one of the leading OEMs and partners in the african region, the solution is an outstanding example of AV technology and product integration. Central management, easy to use content, intuitive multi touch screens, ability to integrate with external sources and applications easily give the edge to the solution. Customers appreciate the experience, positively impacting the bottomline.