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CLP Group, today is one of the leading Power Companies in the world. Guided by their values & philosophy, CLP was looking out for a cost effective yet innovative solution which could drive their purpose of monitoring power operations efficiently of different plants from single location. The requirement specified was to be flexible and expandable to add more inputs in future. Complete flexibility in software will all options of integration with devices, data, browser and third party app hosting on the processor was needed.


With multiple outputs & multiple network based inputs – Streme’s NOK processor power 2 video walls at the site. Data from application PCs in the command room is seamlessly displayed on the datawall. Streaming input is captured from the workstations in the room. With easy drag & drop layout designer multiple application windows can be created easily, The interactive videowall is touch/click enabled to zoom in the selected information.


With this innvotive and cost effective solution, CLP can now easily create, manage, monitor and annotate desired business data on the screen efficiently. The smart annotation technology provides ease in operations of videowall . The video processor helps users to change preset on the fly, annotate or highlight in specific area on the screen, etc.

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