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Coal India Ltd is a large government organization. It is an emerging global player in the primary energy sector. Coal India was looking out for an all-in-one solution which could serve the need of communicating effectively with employees, guests, and important visitors. Their challenge was to deploy a solution with a low carbon foot print, integrate AV and streaming needs and engage the internal employees and visitors with powerful content.


The presales and design team of the partner selected Streme digital signage, encoder and streamer, going through various alternatives in the process. The integrated solution allowed client to quickly push AV streams from sources like cameras on the mulitple screens running signage. Built on a completely flexible framework Streme digital signage, encoder and streamer delivers at mix of stored content and real time content on the fly.


The goal of delivering effective communication was achieved at a large facility. Emloyees and visitors appreciate the effective communciation at key locations.

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