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Equinox realities is a state of the art business park in the central business district of Mumbai, India. To match its high tech image, the top management decided to install a state of the art display system. The system would meet 2 purposes, to function as a name identification for tenants and a meeting room display for shared meeting rooms. As the booking was managed by the central reception desk, the requirement was specifically for a non interactive small screen system.


Meeting Magic and Streme Digital Signage were selected as the products to be implemented jointly for this project. This was done after an extensive study of available options by the partner and Equinox management. A unique time bar application is built and integrated with the display solution. Integrated with the meeting magic central booking software, the displays are programmed for dual use. Displays show signage in case of no meetings and meeting schedule when meetings are in progress. A special signage screen was designed to display the names of all occupants on a large screen installed in the reception


The 7 inch sized panels were appreciated by the client for their sleek finish. The time bar application allows the user to see the schedule at a glance on the non interactive panels. An integrated display of all occupants gives a nice digital board, enhancing the aesthetics.

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