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New launches done by HDFC bank were to be communicated instantly to customers walking in the branch. Traditional posters and danglers would take too much time to reach the geographically spread branches. Rich multi media content positioned strategically was thought as an effective desired communication medium. HDFC Bank evaluated several vendors on technical features, management features and reporting capabilities. Streme was chosen for an initial pilot at the bank.


Deployed in May 2007, Streme digital signage was rolled out to 20 branches across 4 cities as a pilot installation. 42-inch LCD displays are positioned prominently in the customer visibility areas. Streme C 2600 series players were deployed on the network. Content was designed specifically for Streme digital signage. The content is defined and scheduled from the national marketing office in Mumbai city (the commercial capital of India). The IT team of HDFC Bank laid down stringent standards for network utilization by streme, putting into place 17 IT policies to be implemented at server level and player level. One of the primary concerns was network security and data transfer of large multi media content during banking hours. Streme enhanced its download manager to enable the administrator to configure size and time restrictions. E.g. content of upto 500KB can be downloaded during banking hours. Larger sizes are scheduled automatically after banking hours.


HDFC Bank sees the solution as a unique audiovisual medium to reach to the customer. Utilizing the built in feature of showing power point presentations, HDFC bank is now planning to use the system as an employee communications tool in pre banking hours.

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