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Hotel Trident Oberoi & Pico

Trident is one of the recognised hospitality brands. Trident was looking at a flexible signage system that could be easily updated by its banquet sales staff for events. The pre requisite was no special training to be done for the operating staff.

The Solution

Powered by Streme digital signage, the large vertical screen faces the entrace of the iconic lobby overlooking the arabian sea. Trident was one of the early installations of Streme in the hospitality segment. Streme was selected for its flexible, powerful and training free excel sheet interface for event information.


Ease of management by technical team and ease of use by business users is the immediate benefit to the hotel. The perception of high tech image and latest updates adds value to its clients. The displays outside the restaurants showcase the special offers. The room rates and forex rates displayed along with airline information add value to the guest experience.