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For its world cup cricket matches in 2011, The Mumbai cricket association specified a state of the art system to capture the images of the spectators and link them to the entry tickets as they entered the stadium. A facility to monitor the number of entries, along with search facility to locate vacant seats was specified. A feature to broadcast the image of a person to all the security staff carrying hand held devices was required. Alerts to central control room was desired in real time.


The consultants identified Streme team as the partner of choice to deliver this complex system immediately. This system was designed and implemented in just 3 weeks. Implemented to take live data from over 50 AV streaming cameras installed at various locations in the stadium, the system tagged over 400 GB of images in a span of 4 hours for over 40, 000 spectators. The system could identify a person moving around in a area with a wrong ticket by hand held scanners. A black list ticket number feature, immediately captured the images of suspects trying to gain entry to the stadium.


A real time high tech security system that archives data for security agencies enhanced the overall security of the stadium. The data is retrievable even long after the event is over for analysis by agencies.

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