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NMB Bank

NMB is one of the largest banks in Tanzania, with over a hundred branches, they are located in most of Tanzania's districts. NMB was looking out for solution where a bank could reach out to customers across Tanzania spreading banks information regarding banks Services, Offers and Marketing collaterals. NMB also wanted a real time solution to replace the manual LEd based electronic foreign exchange boards in the branches.

The Solution

The client, OEM and partner evaluated several products on technical background and features and finally decided to use Streme. With its Strong knowledge base in banking domain, the partner and Streme teams were able to deliver and commission its signage solution in almost a hundred branches in a short period of time. Streme also provided a value added solution by displaying realtime online forex rates on signage displays. The rates are managed centrally by treasury department and displayed in real time all over the network.


The customers appreciate the real time display. As the forex rates fluctuate widely, the real time rates displayed, insulate the bank from the risk associated with showing outdated rates. The bank is now planning to scale up the signage network to other locations, along with enhancements to forex rates display.