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Reliance Energy

Reliance Energy is a leading power company with power generation and distribution facilities spread all over the state. Reliance energy wanted to display the real time power demand and supply figures along with Digital Signage. The data source was from Scada systems, which collated data in real time from various units. A special requirement to display critical alerts was essential for the rollout.

The Solution

Integrated with iDash component, Streme digital signage was deployed for this project. A special customized add-on was developed to capture alerts and display them on the screen. Deployed over multiple screens in workplace areas of offices of Reliance, the iDash captures live data and formats it for display in real time.


The real time display system gives a one unified view of the entire system with tables and graphs. Animated graphs capture the attention of the user and maintain focus on critical parameters. Alerts with a sound draw the attention to the exception and quick action is assured.