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SAS, Pune

SAS is a leading provider of professional services. For its upcoming office facility in Pune, a hybrid system capable of encoding and recording multiple channels was required. Standard off the shelf products were unable to fit this requirement.

The Solution

Streme Encoder and Recorder was selected by consultants because of its flexibility. One of the outputs was looped back to a input. The other output was connected to a HDMI distribution network to power screens placed all over the facility. The inputs to the encoder unit have live video feeds and laptop presentations along with the loopback signal. The recorder records the output signal with voice of the presentor. The recorder interfaces with a browser based touch panel interface to facilitate start, stop and pause functions.


The integrated encoder and recorder provides a quick and easy management interface to the administrator. The robust 24X7 unit built with redundant cooling and powe supply results in high uptime and reliable performance.