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Sephora a San Francisco Head Quartered based firm is the leading chain of perfume and cosmetics stores in France, but also have a powerful beauty presence in countries around the world. Sephora operates approximately 1, 900 stores in 29 countries worldwide, with an expanding base of over 360 stores across North America.
Sephora Retail was looking out for innovative digital marketing tool for their upcoming store expansions in GCC region. Sephora evaluated 10+ vendors which will suit their requirement and found 'Streme' as the best choice.


Sephora Retail was looking at an end to end digital signage solution provider with proven multi-location solution support. The requirement was to have an advanced integrated solution to cater to broadcast, integration. We were selected to execute the project based on current capabilities and proven commitment and vision to expand Streme, its digital signage solution in to the global market.


With State-of -Art technology in place for digital merchandizing, Sephora plans to reach out to their premium customer base via this medium centrally. A faster and economical branding & marketing opportunity on the touch of a button!

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