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Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Museum

A state of the art interactive museum was planned by Sardar Patel Memorial Society. The Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Memorial, instead of just displaying artifacts or information about the iron man of india - Sardar Patel, chose to engage the viewers with an immersive multi media experience. The challenge was to make technology presence, but not intimidate the visitors, most of whom were children.

The Solution

X Magix was chosen as the technology of choice by the partner responsible for a turnkey implemetation of the Musuem. The Museum has over 10 exhibits that are powered using XMagix technology. During the entire project right from planning, construction , commissioning and training, the streme team was deeply involved with the partner. This ensured that the reliable X Magix technology was backed by roubust business processes and collaboration with key stakeholders to deliver the project. 

Bubble Display – Videos in sync

Videos playing on screens placed around a mural creates a storyline that you will remember for a long time to come. They play in perfect sync. The x magix display engine ensures perfect syncing and playback even for large movie files. X magix synchronizes the audio perfectly for the speaker system.

Motion Magix: Sensor Driven History Wall

Specially engineered, designed and implemented with precision, props that move create a wow effect. Imagine dragging a LCD on rails, marked with years and displaying relevant content of each year and you see history coming alive as it moves! 

Jail exhibit for freedom fighters

Recreating a prison environment for freedom fighters. This jail door has sensors mounted on its rods. Touch a rod and see a particular timeline video playing in the “jail” premises. This recreates history in a very interesting audio visual fashion for the visitors. 

Revo Magix

You can attach sensors to a rotating object like a windmill, shaft etc & know the exact location & speed to accurately define the content to be played. Just imagine the content moving in sync with the movement of the shaft. An amazing experience. 

Quiz Zone

Fastest finger first! A quiz engine that takes the responses from the participants and displays the correct answer on the larger screen. Quizzing was never so interesting and automated ! 

Feedback Kiosk

Visitors can provide SMS and video based feedback instead of writing in a register. Visitors use a special pen or mobile phone to record their feedback. 


Visitors greatly appreciate & are thrilled with the interactive experiences and have a higher recall. As a result, more and more school trips are planned due to the popularity of the museum.