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Whistling Woods

Whistling woods is the top most international film training institute in India, with over 200 students enrolled in the first year itself. The institute provides cutting edge training in all aspects of like acting, production, editing, marketing etc. 

The institute was looking at a digital signage solution provider to offer complete end to end consulting and deployment.

Bring in power of collaboration 
in your training rooms.

The Solution

As a part of phase 1, We installed 5 displays at Whistling woods at strategic areas like lobby, passages and library. The displays provide location guides, events of the day, movie trailers etc for educational purposes.


The signage solution re-inforces the cutting edge image of the institute. Streme also provides a platform for the student community to design, upload and manage the signage system. The content for this system is designed by students providing them an opportunity to learn hands on.