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Novotel has a premium sea facing luxury property. For its restaurants, banquets and lobby, Novotel required a easy to use signage system with a simple interface for event management.


Select by the management due to its success in other hotel properties across the nation, Streme was deployed by the technology team at the hotel. The displays are setup at restaurants, lobbies, reception, elevators and washrooms. The players are centralized in the server room and signal distribution is done using suitable amplifiers The users from banquet sales were trained on the management module and the technology team was trained on the signage management.


Ease of management by technical team and ease of use by business users is the immediate benefit to the hotel. The perception of high tech image and latest updates adds value to its clients. The displays outside the restaurants showcase the special offers. The room rates and forex rates displayed along with airline information add value to the guest experience. 

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