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Doha Bank is the pioneer to adapt to a solution that will help them manage their customer flow more efficiently in the country and this gives them the competitive advantage that they were looking for. Doha Bank is provided with a basic solution which is ideal to manage 7 counters and providing them with all the information that they need to manage their customer flow more efficiently.


With the world getting digital and adapting to new solutions, Doha Bank wanted to keep up and let the world know that it values Customer Satisfaction more than anything else. So far, Doha Bank has been so satisfied with Streme’s Queue Management Solution that they are already looking forward to using it in their other branches as well. They tend to focus on getting similar efficiency and provide equivalent customer satisfaction with a solution like ours.


Deven Limaye our Managing Director says: “We are pleased to have provided Doha Bank with a Solution because it has helped us enter a new product domain of Queue Management Systems with a strong business background and we are glad to be the pioneers for that with Doha Bank. Also, we are looking forward to providing the same high end solution in the upcoming new installations across different branches of Doha Bank.”

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