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Video processors that are scalable, flexible &
reliable while being surprisingly affordable!
Bring the magic in scheduling & displaying meetings integrated with outlook & exchange.
Completely customizable, flexible signage, ready for integration with your systems to give you the edge.
Bring in power of collaboration 
in your training rooms.

Corporate Solutions

Streme Welcome boards in Lobby

Streme is used extensively to create welcome boards for visitors at the reception. While one part of the screen shows customer testimonials or live TV, the other part shows the welcome message for the visitor. Powered using an excel sheet, management of this data is very easy and can be done by reception staff.

Solutions for Reception Displays

Create a positive first impression with customers and partners. Place directional displays in the lobby to guide visitors. Communicate effectively with employees. Use of unusually mounted portrait displays draws attention of viewers.

Meeting Magic for Live Dashboard

To avoid the chaos in searching and booking meeting rooms, a display showing the current status of meeting rooms is provided at the reception area. For meetings that are about to get over, the end time is shown and for meeting rooms that are vacant, the start time of next meeting is shown. 

iDash for Senior Management

Integrated with leading holographic image  technology providers,  x magix offers you the flexibility of centralized content management and triggers based on user gestures, touch or proximity.

Streme for Emergency CCTV Streaming

Triggered from building management systems or SMS or email or other alarms, Streme Digital Signage becomes a CCTV monitoring system, taking a direct feed from the IP Camera and DVRs. A boon in emergency situations where immediate attention is drawn to live video feeds. 

I Dash with real-time business data

Using high end x magix powered video processors along with edge blended projectors, you can now create perfect images and videos that span large areas on the wall. An immersive experience that can be driven by time of the day, direction and the floor. 

Streme for Notice Boards

Mounted in workplaces, these displays show notices from PDF and word files one after the other. Ideal for statutory displays to show certificates, Licenses etc. these protect the environment by avoiding printing.

Streme Encoder for Live Broadcast

Now broadcast your top managements video live over your IT network. Integrated with Streme Digital Signage, and Streme Encoder and Streamer, your employees can see the presentation in real time, making communication instant and effective. 

I Dash for back office teams

Mounted in workplaces, these displays show live business data. Continuous performance displays with comparison of targets vs achievement keeps the teams on their toes. 

Streme Emergency Evacuation Display

In case of an emergency, the printout of an emergency exist shows all possible exists. What if there is a fire in a particular exit area? The BMS triggers integrated with signage only show the valid exits, greatly assisting in safe evacuation of the occupants. 

Meeting Magic Non Interactive Screens

Meeting magic non interactive screens are placed to enable users to quickly see the meeting details and the schedule of the day. Managed by an integrated web management software capable of interfacing with AD, Exchange, Outlook and Domino, Meeting magic provides a powerful solution to all your scheduling needs, saving valuable time of your stakeholders. 

Meeting Magic Interactive Screens

Meeting magic interactive screens are placed to enable users to book, extend, end and search for meetings or report issues Managed by an integrated web management software interfaced with AD, Exchange, or Domino, Meeting magic provides a powerful solution to all your scheduling needs, saving valuable time of your stakeholders. 

Office Magix Collaboration System

Office magix facilitates collaboration by streaming, recording and annotating the contents of the display. Participants of the meeting, directed by the facilitator are completely wireless with their laptops for this meeting. Moreover, AV equipment and lighting can be controlled by interfacing with third party of officemagix controllers. 

NOK solutions for Command & Control Centers

Powering large video walls, command and control rooms now have a flexible, yet powerful solution for display. streaming, recording, annotation and switching. A flexible video processor, its browser integration, third party application integration, scalable design and feature rich software make NOK the processor of choice. 

Streme for edutainment in Cafeteria

Cafeterias generally run a TV channel. Research has shown the people are most receptive to new communication when they are relaxed. Streme digital signage implemented in cafeterias is an ideal opportunity to integrate live alerts, news, offers and more to your employees. 

Streme with a Dual Screen Kiosk

Screens mounted on top of kiosks attract attention of the users. These screens are an additional source of information. Visible from a long distance, the screens display promotional offers and call for action for accessing the kiosk. 

KlasMate – Classroom training.

Deployed in classroom training environment for corporates, Klasmate allows you to stream, record, annotate, share and chat. An effective learning tool for in classroom training, Klasmate is the preferred choice for trainers. 


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