Streme Digital Signage

The most versatile Signage

Powerful Integration

Integrated devices & data like never before.

Build powerful integrated solutions with any device operating on infra red remote control, IP networks, serial port, blue-tooth etc. Run external applications that can be run, repositioned and resized in any area of the screen.


Start small. Grow big.

Ideal right from the most simple to the most versatile signage deployments. Available in a solo pack, small business suite or a wide area deployment. Simple drag and drop interface. Designed for business users. No multi media expertise required.

Open Platform

Any windows hardware, any network and any display.

Supports a wide range of hardware, devices & networks to give unmatched flexibility for project deployments. You can choose embedded players, pc's or high end graphic workstations, commercIal monitors, professional monitors, or even data projectors for display. Streme works well with Internet & corporate networks even on low bandwidths.

Configurable & Customizable

No need to learn scripting & programming.

Need a feature that is not available yet? Just discuss it with our team. We will either customize a feature for your needs or change the configuration of the signage. No more learning scripts, programming etc. We take care of it.

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