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In emergency situations, it is important not to panic. Specific instructions are sent to people for the type of situation by SMS and Email. Visitor responsibility is assigned to the host and the maintenance department takes the responsibility of the contractors. Employees are mapped to fire marshals. This ensures that every person is mapped to another person in the hierarchy. Responses by people are classified as safe, inside and not responding. Action is taken based on these responses to ensure that every human asset is accounted for in the shortest time. A centralized mobile management tool allows management of information even when the control team leaves the premises. As the success of any system ultimately depends on training provided, Evak system becomes a default part of the fire drill. The system is designed to operate under extreme situations like complete loss of power, loss of network and no internet connectivity. Ultimately, when implemented, Evak becomes a complete command and feedback system to ensure the safety of human assets.


The system is applicable for any modern enterprise having a large number of people working in a building or a campus. Examples are large corporate offices, government buildings, industrial plants, factories etc.


People are trained for responding to the Evak system in regular drills. An automated SMS and email alert goes with a URL Link. This is accessed by the person as he/she usually carries the mobile number. The message also has specific instructions for the particular situation. The person clicks to confirm their status. Either clicking on the URL or sending a sms response back to indicate either of the statuses: safe in assembly area or inside premises.
People who mark themselves safe are also marked safe by fire marshals to ensure that the response is revalidated by atleast one more person.
If there is no response or response indicates inside premises, a voice call is placed automatically. People who are not responding or still inside premises are tracked and called by fire marshalls (trained) and given directions of evacuation.


Evak provides integration with third party systems for access control system to locate last known swipe location of a person. (floors or areas). Evak reads the Active directory for user data for phone number and email id info. Evak accesses the System data to find out last logged in location for the user (if at a desktop/laptop). The system shows live CCTV footage of affected area. (to admin/fire marshal) on demand. Direct integration with fire alarm system or BMS fixes the location of incident. Regular updates from visitor management system are done for phone number and email id info and with whom the person is currently.


Evak embedded box on corporate network that has own GPS/GPRS modem for communication with dedicated local battery power backup. Connected over the network, the system integrates with the IT network to provide seamless performance.

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