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Video processors that are scalable, flexible &
reliable while being surprisingly affordable!
Bring the magic in scheduling & displaying meetings integrated with outlook & exchange.
Completely customizable, flexible signage, ready for integration with your systems to give you the edge.
Bring in power of collaboration 
in your training rooms.

Experience Centre Solutions

X magix – “Electric” Display

Running video files that mimic lightning, this is an interesting implementation of a welcome board at the entry to the experience center.

X magix – Bubble Display

Using unusual shapes of displays like round, tiled and tilted etc, one can create a fantastic, ready to recall display for the customer. A display your visitor just cannot forget.

X magix – Gesture Wall

With gesture sensing technology, you can now give presentation to your guests by just waving your hand and making a gesture. Human interface was never so powerful. Just imagine a large projection screen, where you are able to show product feature, one after the other just by waving your hand.

X magix – Holographic Displays

Integrated with leading holographic image  technology providers,  x magix offers you the flexibility of centralized content management and triggers based on user gestures, touch or proximity.

X magix – Moving LCD

Specially engineered, designed and implemented with precision, props that move  create a wow effect. Imagine dragging a LCD on rails, marked with years and displaying relevant content of each year of corporate history as it moves!

X magix – Wide Screen Display

Using high end x magix powered video processors along with edge blended projectors, you can now create perfect images and videos that span large areas on the wall. An immersive experience that can be driven by time of the day, direction and the floor. 

X magix – Video wall

X magix engines now power video walls of any size. Using triggers from gesture, touch, proximity and more, you can build large experiential solutions using video walls.

X magix – Revo Magix

You can attach sensors to a rotating object like a windmill, shaft etc & know the exact location & speed to accurately define the content to be played. Just imaging the content moving in sync with the movement of the shaft. An amazing experience. 

X magix – Product Display

With sensors mounted near or on the product, let your product come alive. As soon as the customer touches or comes near the product, the relevant product information can be displayed. This makes the product or prop very interactive and real for the customer. An example is a car where touching the bonnet shows the video of how the engine works.

X magix – Mural Display

Playing in perfect sync, videos playing on screens placed around a mural creates a storyline that you will remember for a long time to come. The x magix display engine ensures perfect sync and playback even for large movie files. X magix synchronizes the audio perfectly for the speaker system. 

X magix – News touch sensor

A number of touch sensors are mounted on the news paper wall. You touch a particular paper and the news appears on the screen. Along with the news, more details, videos and photos are linked. A completely different experience for the viewers! 

X magix – Jail for freedom fighters

Recreating a prison environment for freedom fighters, this jail door has sensors mounted on its rods. Touch a rod and see a particular timeline video playing in the “jail” premises. This recreates history in a very interesting audio visual fashion for the visitors. 

X magix – Multi Touch Display

Powering multi-touch applications X magix multi touch display solutions have content specifically created for the project. Upto 10 touch points are available for multiple users to interact at the same time, taking collaborative learning and sharing to a whole new level.

X magix – Virtual Piano

Interfaced with proximity sensors, light sources and sound systems, this virtual piano lets you play music, without touching the keys! 

X magix – Interactive Games

Special interactive games, educational kits are created on the x magix framework. Now imagine a special game where a quiz is answered by an innovative action like putting the ball in the basket. This could add the fun element into any event. 

X magix – Kiosk Magix

Imagine, controlling the content of a larger kiosk from a smaller interactive kiosk. The smaller kiosk is placed conveniently near the user while the larger screen is at a distance. Ideal for viewing by groups of visitors. 

X magix – 3D Kiosks

3D displays, with contents powered by a touch screen are a powerful tool to engage the viewer. With almost real life 3D experience, customers experience the brand like never before. Now imagine a person appreciating the new medical product you have launched in virtual 3D environment. 

X magix – Quiz Zone

Fastest finger first! A quiz engine that takes the responses from the participants and displays the correct answer on the larger screen. Quizzing was never so interesting and automated before! 

X magix – Focused  Sound Zone

Integrating focused sound technologies, you can restrict the AV experience to a particular zone. This ensures that multiple sound sources operating nearby don’t disturb other groups. 

X magix – User SMS feedback

The visitors can now send feedback by SMS. This feedback automatically appears on the screen. feedbacks are transferred periodically to the head office for analysis. A pin generated on the Mobile number ensures the feedback is authentic. 

X magix – User Video feedback

Integrating focused sound technologies, you can restrict the AV experience to a particular zone. This ensures that multiple sound sources operating nearby don’t disturb other groups. 


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