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Video processors that are scalable, flexible &
reliable while being surprisingly affordable!
Bring the magic in scheduling & displaying meetings integrated with outlook & exchange.
Completely customizable, flexible signage, ready for integration with your systems to give you the edge.
Bring in power of collaboration 
in your training rooms.

Hospitality Solutions

Streme - Event Boards in Lobby

Displays the list of events in the hotel across banquet halls. Guests get a one view of all events at the main lobby. Powered using simple excel sheets, that can be used by any staff personnel, Streme Event boards are the simplest of implement. If there are no events scheduled, the display runs hotel features promo.

Streme – Banquet halls display

Implemented just outside the banquet halls, these displays provide information to the guests on the events taking place in the banquet. Guests are now assured that this is the right event they are invited to. The banquet halls board does away with the exercise of taking manual printouts and placing them at the entry points.

Streme - Restaurant and Bar Promos

With Streme, you can now link the Camera in your restaurant to show live promos and food events. Increase footfalls and sales by attracting visitors to signature restaurants by playing videos of mouth watering dishes. Placed strategically at the lobbies or at restaurant entries, these signages make solid business sense. 

Streme - News Forex, Hotel and Flight Information

Now display forex rates on the display board. Impress your guests with online digital signage to show the latest news updates. You can also display the latest flight departure information for guests. Club memberships are be prominently displayed at strategic locations to increase revenues.

Streme – Pool, Gym and Health clubs

Take the opportunity to engage the captive audience at the health club and gym by displaying healthy food options available at various restaurants and room service menus. Tips on healthy living, facilities, memberships and more keep the audience informed and impact revenues positively. 


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