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Hinduja Healthcare is the leading healthcare facility. The facility has a steady stream of outpatients with regular appointments being setup with doctors. The management of this patient information is being done in the Hospital information system installed in the facility. Hindjua management required a Signage system to interface with the Hospital management system and provide a front end for the doctors, nursing staff and administrators for que management



The integrated Que management system interfaces tightly with the Hospital information system, reading patient information, vouchers (tokens) for paid and repeat visits. This information is then made available to doctors and nursing staff to hold, skip, or call the next patient in line. Finally, the current tokens are displayed on the signage screens.



Hinduja Hospital appreciates the implemented solution which is running over 8 years now. The various screens placed at strategic locations over the vast spread property gives a real time vital information to the people accessing the premises for various services like OPD, IPD, Pathalogy, Cafeteria, etc...The deployed solution increased the operational efficiency and was substantial in reducing carbon footprint.


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