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They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

So true...this stands the test of time...

Feelings are all about experiences, something that is very near and dear to our heart. Messages in meetings, on email, on posters, on voice, may get lost in the digital clutter, but the feeling of being special, being able to participate, being heard, being able to collaborate, stays on.

Cut the clutter...yes cut it!

In todays context, as everyone tries to engage the target audience, (while survey after survey finds out that employees are least engaged in organizations) it is natural that organizations are setting up experience centers for their products and services. Experiential technologies, when seamlessly integrated, can create a lasting impression in the target audience. Its all about being able to do things intuitively, with virtually no training!

Being different...really?

Light, Sound, Virtual Realty, Augmented Realty, Sensors, Controllers, Props, Content, Displays, Apps, Holographics all add to the unique experience. Leading brands the world over are building experience centers for customers, clients, stakeholders to deliver something different, something that will stand out in the noise of a digital connected world

Goal setting..not again!

Often, it is a challenge to translate ideas into reality, ideas into solutions, ideas into projects. Whatever the process, the goal of the experience has to be clear. Is it brand building, is it efficiency, is it creating a wow factor? A clear goal

Evolving experiences...all the time.

Experience building is rarely a one time effort, a one time project. As peoples perspectives evolve, as they seek different goals, are exposed to different communication channels, their expectations change over period of time. A flexible implementation allows the organziation to rapidly adapt to the changing needs of the target audience.

The team...that rocks

The architects and design consultants working on the project needlessly to say have to be experienced in doing past projects. Choosing consultants specializing exclusively in experience center definitely helps. Experience centers are unlike other AV projects which are more functional by design.

The content team right from concept, story boarding, video production, audio clips, once in place produces outstanding content. needless to say, the content team needs to have worked on previous similar projects of this type too.

Most importantly, make sure your technology partner has cross platform knowledge of AV and IT and can integrate diverse technologies, diverse products using api/sdk by having a custom software development team in place. Not everything is a standard deployment and customization does play a key role in making the project a success.


Though technology is the driver, it is integrating the technology pieces together into a seamless experience that is the key to the a successful project.

To view some of the experiential solutions ideas you can use in your projects, visit

The already here.

will experiential technologies be the de facto standard in offices and retail spaces ? Will immersive experiences based on integrated AV, IT and IOT technologies become a standard in every workplace and the store ? the question is not if they will, the question is when? what do you think? Comments welcome.

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