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Multi Branch

Capable Architecture
Flexibility & Control

Generate & Print Tokens

with date, time & token number

Tokens are either generated by back end systems for integration with QMS or printed using self service QMS kiosks. QMS kiosks could be either touch screen based or simple button based kiosks with fixed options. Designed to suit any budget, the QMS can be used by any business. A range of token printers right from thermal to impact printers of different sizes are supported. Specific print layouts can be customized for projects.

Manage Queues

By service & priority

The service operator manages ques right from their desktop. View of next token, number of tokens in que, average time of servicing tokens etc. is shown on a single view to the operator. Facility to hold, skip, or cancel tokens is provided to meet most real life scenarios.

Display Que Information

Integrated on signage & small screens

Que information can be displayed on screens over LED or LCD Displays. When using LED displays, QMS supported IP enabled displays to reduce the complexity of cabling. Just connect to the IP port and you are ready to go. For LCD displays, QMS integrates with content on digital signage. Automated voice calling feature is provided for a display. The sound can either be routed via standard amplifier speaker system, or built in LCD speakers, making the design flexible to match any project requirement.

Extensive Reporting

Relevant to Branch & Head Office

QMS has more than 50 reports on various parameters including efficiency, wait times, longest service, shortest service, average, inter operator efficiency comparison, revenue generation per counter etc. Reports can be printed either at branch level, regional level or national level.

Centralized Data Management

Get tight control & flexibilIty together

Key parameters are defined centrally. Local parameters like assignment of operators to counters is defined locally. This ensures that all practical aspects are covered while deploying the system.

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