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Streme Encoder & Streamer

Your choice for AV broadcast
 over IT networks

Completely Flexible

Add features as you expand the business

Start small, start now. You can add features as you grow, keeping the investments under control. Built on an ever expanding framework, you can add more streams, locations, formats, features with time. Complete peace of mind, while protecting your investments.

One Box

Multiple functions

You can now encode, stream and record, all in the same box. No need of dedicated servers. We offer hosted facility to use our servers on cloud to enable internet based broadcast too. Please contact us for more information.

Simple Interface

Meant for the Business Users

A simple interface, meant for business users lets you manage the encoder streams properly. Powerful settings and guides enable a one time setup.


Streme Digital Signage Compatible

Our Streamer and Encoder is seamlessly integrated with Streme Digital Signage. A built in feature allows you to quickly position streams from these sources on the screens. Now display streaming content where yo u want, when you want and how you want.

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