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E Track

Vehicle Parking Image Tracker
Add-on to any ticket dispensing 
parking system

Map ticket data to car and driver data at entry gate

Camera capture software continuously stores the images from all the cameras of entry gate and attaches to the ticket issued. This repository is intelligently mapped to the parking system entry gates to map parking tickets and images. Multiple images are stored to factor in possible driver movement in the car.

Compare mapped images at exit gate

At the exit gate, the operator scans the ticket with the barcode scanner. Instantly, the ticket retrieves the images captured previously at entry gate. Operator now compares and assures himself that the vehicle and driver that entered with the scanned ticket is same which is going out now.

Investigate when the car or driver changes

In E Trak, on scanning the ticket, when the image of the driver at exit gate does not match to the driver image captured at entry gate, the operator asks for additional ID from the driver before opening the exit barrier. If the operator is convinced about the ID (family member or a friend), the exit gate is opened, otherwise security is notified. The ID can is also scanned and kept for future records.

Investigate claims for damages

In some cases, there are claims made by car owners or drivers. These claims are made for damages to cars in parking lots. It is claimed that the car was intact when it entered the parking area and was damaged while it was inside the lot. Comparing images tagged to the ticket easily establishes if the damage was prior to entering the parking lot or has happened in the parking lot. To facilitate this, the E Track system can operate with multiple cameras, capturing both front and rear of the car simultaneously.

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