Bring in the magic

Touch, Gesture, Motion & rotation
to bring your product alive.

Infocomm ME 2014

Higher Brand Recall

Get noticed in the clutter

Cut the distractions for your customers. Keep their attention focused on your product. Let them touch, and move to feel the difference. Engage their senses and keep them coming back for more.

Experiential Solutions

Now made easy

A wide range of experiential solutions are available. The solutions can be deployed easily. Solutions use off the shelf components, providing flexibility and savings. Easy configuration wizard are provided for business users. You don’t have to be an expert to setup, operate and change these solutions.

One Platform, Many Applications

Design games, corporate displays, 
exhibits & more

Using a single platform, you can design solutions for multiple applications. Whether it is corporate receptions, Museums, Brand centers, Experience Zones, Education kits, the possibilities are endless. You can incorporate the experiential solutions in the design stage itself. A seamless experience is now ready to maximize customer recall

More Options Every Day

We are listening

We look forward to extending the framework. Please feel free to discuss any idea with us. X Magix framework is extendible to incorporate most devices, external data, interfaces from other systems and more. Come, lets talk and discuss ideas.

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