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As the vehicle enters the parking area, a camera captures the license plate and links the image automatically to the parking token. While exiting, the license plate is compared with the picture taken at entry. On a successful match, the exit gate is opened. This process, repeated for hundreds of thousands of cars, going in and out of the parking lot, operates in real time over Idclik system. Idclik provides the car owners and the parking lot operator with a reliable deterrent over theft or misuse of vehicles.


Customers are demanding more transparency in inspection and packing than ever. Integrated with your ERP system, IdClick automatically links your quality check and packing videos to invoice numbers. These videos are now uploaded to a secure web site, pending approval. Approved videos are released to the customer for their viewing. An option to stream videos realtime is now available using streme encoder & streamer


For most events, usually there is no id check. Just a valid ticket is enough for entry. The Idclik captures the images of incoming people, tags them to the bar coded tickets, and makes it available centrally. Images can now be matched against a watch list to warn security agencies of potential troublemakers. Images are also retrieved on handheld devices operated by security personnel. Just entering the seat number retrieves the image showing the face of the person. A powerful tool for any ticketed, seated event, Idclik provides you with unprecedented security control and peace of mind.


Just let us know if your application is similar to the one listed above, or is adaptable to the core technology in id clik. Please contact our presales team. We would be delighted to know of your requirements and would be happy to help!

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