Strong Encryption

How Streme Biometric Operates

Unauthorized access to critical third party software like SCADA systems, CAM Software, Planning Software, Administration management tools etc. can cost you millions in damages !
Traditional software login process relies on passwords. Passwords can be shared, are forgotten, misplaced, need frequent changes and so on. You can instantly plug-in the Streme Biometric system into your existing third party software. With each vendor, you need a separate registration process. Using Streme Biometric, you now combine authentication process into a single suite.

Scada Software

Auto login to scada systems with biometric authentication. This ensures that the scada software does not login at all without biometric authentication. In environments, where control of factory processes has to be monitored and controlled, this is a must have add-on.

Corporate Control room systems

In control rooms, it is vital to restrict access only to certain authorized employees and contractors. Control rooms are central to managing and controlling business and industrial processes. Cameras, safety equipment, machines on the network etc. are all monitored in this room. Robust authentication provided by Streme Biometric is an established requirement.

Administration systems

Managing master data for administration systems is critical. Authentic login by authorized personnel is mandatory. The access to master data is vital for smooth functioning of inter related systems. The Streme Biometric authentication add-on ensures that only select users get access to the machines.

A complete range of biometric access Add on solutions

A range of devices that connect using industry standard protocols like serial, usb, poe etc. are available for integration. Depending on the operating requirement, environment conditions and interface, the correct model and hardware OEM is chosen. Devices can be finger print, Iris Scanning, Voice Recognition, Face Recognition, Access Engine, Management Suite.

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