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Interactive WayFinder Software

Sets up in Minutes

Integrate maps, define routes
& you are ready to go

Assisting visitors in office

To reach destinations faster

Resources like Employees, Cafeteria, Rest rooms, Elevators and Meeting rooms can be defined on the layout. Visitors can now reach the destination quickly, without disturbing any employees on the way. For offices with multiple levels or floors, the direction to the nearest elevator is shown.

Guiding Visitors in events

Quickly locate destination

Location of booths, restrooms, seminar rooms, meeting rooms can be defined on the layout. Positioned at the entry and certain key locations at events, this way finder allows visitors to quickly locate the booths in the event, saving valuable time.

Completely Configurable

All parameters are defined

Define floors, resources, destinations and more. Use the extensive data definition forms that come with the wayfinder.

Shortest Route Identification

Defining path automatically

Way finder comes with a powerful designer that allows you to position touch screen way finder kiosk, various nodes and end points on the route. Paths are linked from one node to the other. Once all the paths are set, the shortest route is automatically found.

Integrated to show full fledged digital signage

Compatible to streme digital signage

Way finder can switch to a full fledged digital signage when not in use. Compatible to Streme digital signage the way finder comes to interactive mode as soon as someone comes nearby* or touches the screen.

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